Where to buy good quality Muay Thai Equipment?

Getting the right Muay Thai equipment is essential for a beginner. Choosing wrong gear can cause small injure or even a bad effect you might not know.

Muay Thai gear likes all things in market. You get what you pay for. General speaking, high quality gear cost more that low quality one. Good quality gear lasts longer than poor quality ones. Equipment from Thailand, original place of Thai boxing, usually comes in far better quality than others like Pakistan. (If you are not a newbie, a lot of SPAM mails from Pakistan agents will tell you how cheap they are. (For a newbie, you will know what I’m taking about when you leave your email address on Muay Thai blogs. Then, their emails will come into your mail box!)

The best way to get good gear which I always tell my friends is to buy it ONLINE. Starting by googling the words “muay thai shorts”, “muay thai gear”,or “custom muay thai”. You will find there are a lot of Muay Thai stores out there. However, I always recommend some popular Thai online stores that always advertise on the top of the page. I always choose only the shops on the Google ads because I found that they are much more professional and active than shops not is the ads.

Interesting items I often purchase online are custom muay thai items. Search the word “custom muay thai shorts” for your choices. You can have your own name in Thai letters put on unique shorts, robes, or vests! Really Cool, isn’t it?

Though buying gear online takes longer time than just buying gear locally, you will be impressed by the quality of authentic Thai gear and be proud when you ware or use it!!

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