Training Muay Thai on heavy bags

Essential bagwork guidelines though coaching Muay Thai boxing start before the heavy bags being touched. Approach: Prior to striking the bag with any of your Muay thai techniques the heavy bag must be approached in a sincere, existing, considerable but not rigid, respectful way. The tactic on any heay bags should mimic the method towards Muay Thai fight ring moments before walking over the ropes and onto the canvas. The technique towards the boxing ring with intent of being the winner begins well prior to the ring is within eye-sight and need to resemble your mindset before you step towards the heavy bag.  Training Muay Thai on heavy bags is serious because you are training for full contact sport and not for exercise.

You must be present every second of each one round while training Muay Thai on heavy bags. Almost every moment that you aren’t striking the bag with full intention of knocking the bag off bag rack will in essence be a second that your competitor is striking you! Although Training Muay Thai on heavy bags isn’t real combating, you ought to remain existing just like you might get strike down by your opponent at any time: Your chin must be down, your guard needs to be stress-free but strong, your eyes must be fixed.

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