Muay Thai Techniques – Muay Thai boxing guard

Muay Thai Techniques – Muay Thai boxing guard

Correct knowledge of boxing guard is a must. There is enormous possible physical harm to a body improperly safeguarded. No matter what movements or direction a boxer takes the boxing guard must be strongly maintained. If you’re not properly protected you may truly feel insecure and lose confidence in your own capabilities as a fighter.

What’re the basic techniques you need to understand?

The body should be angled towards opponent, the rear arm guarding the belly. Your less dexterous foot is placed forward with the toes directed to your competitor.

The rear foot needs to have the toes aiming a little to the side. (The feet should not be placed particularly parallel as this compromises balance.) The heels needs to be lifted so that you can shift the weight between the balls of your feet and remain in a relentless state of readiness.

Legs mustn’t be kept straight. Tuck your chin in. The forearms must be raised for the purpose of defense. Elbows ought to remain close to your body. Fists must be loosely clenched. Your less dexterous hand (left if right-handed) ought to be held to eyebrows, adjusted a bit to the front within the same way as the front foot. Do not strain the body to maintain the pose – de-stress. If you unwind you can be speedy enough to see your opponent ’s weapons coming. This is the ideas of Muay Thai guard for a novice to be learned.

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