Guideline for using Muay Thai pads when training

Muay Thai pads is every critical for coaching. When practicing your Muay Thai moves, especially front and round kicks, it’s important that you simply get the really feel of actual get in touch with though ensuring which you don’t lead to injury to your self or your partner. The top strategy to practice kicks is by employing Muay Thai pads.

The pads has to be placed on your forearms firmly whilst your arms nonetheless really feel comfy to move about. For totally protection, it is best to put on a belly protector in order that your partner can practice front and round kicks using the center from the body. Make sure that it can protect you from badly thrown kicks.

You must use the pads properly by holding the hand pads firmly at a tiny angle so that the bottom of the hand pads is about the top of the belly protector. When your partner throws his front or round kicks, you could maintain your position or just try to perform arm blocks. Do not forget that there are unprotected parts of body have to be aware of. You might move towards your partner slightly as he throws front kicks so stay away from becoming thrown backwards using the force in the kick. Always talk to your partner to ensure that you may quit in case you really feel pain.

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