Buakaw may be put in Jail after THAI FIGHT 2012!

MuayThai Thai Fight 2012 Buakaw

MuayThai Thai Fight 2012 Buakaw

Buakaw Por Pramuk‘s speech after his fight – Thai Fight 2012, 17th April 2012

Buakaw said with tear after the fight that he couldn’t leave his duty as a Thai fighter who fought today for the championship cup given from our beloved King. He fought today not only for himself but also for his father (his mom has passed away), for all Thai people, and for his fans around the world. Although he may be unable to fight again and be put in jail, he must complete his duty.

FYI: About a month ago, Buakaw had a problem with Por Pramuk camp. He said that he was unfairly treated by Por Pramuk bosses for years although he was diligent and disciplined. He decided to leave Por Pramuk camp. So, if he join Thai Fight, he may be sued by Por Pramuk camp. Finally, he decided to take the risk and complete his duty. – Reported by MuayThaiFactory.com

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